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poor MJ


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It's sad to see MJ, R.Kelly, Kobe, and Jayson Williams go thru all this 'cause they're all good people. 2Pac should have neva went to jail! When ur a celebrity haters come at you hard to get fame!
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I don't believe that R.Kelly would seriously stoop that low to do somethin' as dumb as they said he did. Technology could have made it appear as if it was him, but it wasn't. Even if it was him I wouldn't judge him 'cause nobody's perfect! Edited by bigted
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The bottom line is that these celebrities are in trouble because of their own doing. They may or may not be good people but realize that they're in these situations because they made it.

R. Kelly - It is him in the video. The FBI said there is no way the tape could've been doctored. Kelly's own lawyer tried to come up with 3 different excuses for the tape(It was doctored, it was Kelly's brother, and the girl is actually of age). I live in Chicago and it is no secret that R. Kelly likes young girls. He used to frequently go to Kenwood High School to "hang out" with young girls. Let's keep in mind that he married Aaliyah when she was 15!

Kobe Bryant - He wouldn't be in this whole heap of trouble if he doesn't sleep around on his wife.

Michael Jackson - As much as I love Mike's music, he never should've had little kids sleeping over his house... especially after the first incident.

Jayson Williams - He shot his limo driver and then tried to lie and cover up the facts.

I feel for them but at the same time I really can't because these are the decisions they made in their lives.
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Guest Prince
If MJ is found guilty he could serve life... I'm still sure he's innocent though.

Hey, what R. Kelly video is this y'all are talking about?
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