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Yea will uses it in a good handful of movies and just because he does shouldnt stop u from seeing such an awesome movie. Morals when it comes to the f-word i may understand but its a new age and swearing isnt what it used to be

u have got to see the movie no matter wht because it is just that good of a movie i plan to see it atleast 3 times

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FP has always been good about his language. Most of his parts in movies don't cuss 2 often. The Bad Boys movies are in a class of their own...ha ha...it's almost expected there. But his other movies limit the cussing alot. Outside of his music and movie, he seems 2 not cuss 2 often. As i look back on TV apparances, interviews and stuff like that, he rarely cusses. He walks the walk and talks the talk. Why would he keep his music tasteful and then go around cussing up a storm. FP has said that the F-word is is favorite cuss word. When u reach a boiling point of anger, it'll help u feel better...that's what he says. :roll:

I don't remember any F-words in Hitch tho'...i'll be seeing it again Thursday tho.'

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Of course Will curses in real life, just not in his music.

That's true. However I have to say the reason he cusses in movies is because he plays a character. In only a few of his movies does he cuss, but I'll admit he did cuss a great deal in Bad Boys II.

oh no he cusses in real life. I've seen him cuss in interviews and behind the scenes stuff for his movies where he cusses freely. (for example:the making of Bad Boys 2 on MTV). He and Martin were cussin when the cameras were off. So what?? I'm not shocked at all. Doesn't make him any less of a man or a talented brother

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Ok guys...haha that's silly...we're talking about a human being (a person that makes mistakes), and I have to agree it doesn't make him less of a man or a person in general. I think because he takes the initiative to make it a point not to swear in his music it says a lot. I'm sure if he started dropping f-bombs and ish he'd get a lot of more attention like some rappers do. But that's not his style, he's classy and true to the fans. Peace.

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