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That cover dosn't match the promo single i have on it's way 2 me. The promo dosne't have a cover, but the style of the CD is all white with "Will Smith" in black and "Switch" in red, very basic fonts. Usually the designes and colors are similar...not in this case.

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when is the single being released for sale in the us?

There probably isn't gonna be a single 4 it in the US. The US dosen't really have singles anymore. Only very new artists or established artists like Madonna occasionally drop singles. Other than that, we get imports from other countries. And Interscope never drops singles. I highly doubt we'll see a US version of the single.

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Single covers nowadys often don't seem to have had much effort put into them.

I don't think the single cover matters too much, the album is the important one.

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