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What is your top 3 of you most favorit JJFP songs

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Impssibel to choose!! There are so many that I like and it always changes!!

:werd: Me too, that's a hard decision to make, there's so many hits that JJFP did in their career to choose.

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Hay all,

This site rocks!!! - My first post - WOAH!!

My top 3 would have to be

1. Summer Time

2. Boom! Shake the Room

3. Its all good

its too hard we need like a top 20 or something!!!

and i finally got my hands on Switch today and saw the clip last week the song is awsome and would definitely be in my top 5 can't wait for the album...

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1. the magnificent jazzy jeff

2. then she bit me - code red

3. numero uno

4. boom! shake the room - summertime

5. you saw my blinker


1. gettin' jiggy wit it

2. big willie style - switch

3. how da beat goes


your pal,

the fab man

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1. I'm Lookin for the One (ITS SO CLASSIC AND UNDERRATED)

2. Somethin Like Dis (yo its jazzy jazzy, my name is jeff haha)

T3. Can't Wait to be with you (great lyrics/flow)

T3. Summertime (classic)

it was 2 hard to choose :kekeke:

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in no particular order


’summertime’ (single version) - classic, laidback. love the way the chorus is sung.

’I think I can beat Mike Tyson’ - vivid, comical, witty. underrated gem.

’girls ain’t nothing but trouble’ short single version- love the sample. catchy, fun and upbeat.

wish I could pick more than three.

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