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Will Smith's formula for a happy marriage

Jazzy Julie

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let's be realistic for a moment even if he was quoted out of context. would you prefer if your partner knew you were having sex outside under a pact or he/she found out you really 'cheated'. cause cheating is one of the biggest factors that lead to the break up of not just hollywood marraiges but all marriages.

as a man or lady, we are gonna be attracted to other sexes, it's just nature. if it works for them who are we to complain? every guy in a marriage is gonna cheat anyhow, it's a reality.

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I dun realli care about the sleeping wit other people crap from the tabloids. wut was shocking was the part where Will sed he won't b able to do anymore movies soon. Wow. very amazing and shocking. He was in the entertainment buisness for about 20?or so years n its realli sad to see him star in less n less movies... :sad6:

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