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The bonus feature on the 1st Season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a documentary focusing on the show called Back To Bel-Air. It talks about how the show originated and features commentary and interviews from the writers, directors, and James Avery, Tatyana Ali, and Joseph Marcell. They also talk about DJ Jazzy Jeff and Dumb Dancin' in the documentary.

I really didn't expect much more than this so i don't think fans should bug out. I didn't watch much of it yet, but i'm being reminded how rarely they re-ran some of these episodes. Some of them i've only seen once and it's been so long that it's like seing them 4 the 1st time.

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I think the Making-Of episode waz during the 4th or 5th season. I've only seen it aired once, which i waz lucky enuff 2 have taped. I'm assuming they'll include it on the season it goes with, but there's no way 2 look that far ahead at this point.

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i always thought that making of episode was in the last season, maybe the 5th. Its weird cos Trouble show every episode in order and there's ones you see a million times but others you don't catch much at all

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I enjoyed the documentary. It added a breath of fresh air to the set. I wish Alfonso and Karyn could have also been a part of it but i guess u cant ge3t everything that u want. The seinfeld sets had inside looks to specific episodes that featured the cast members recalling events behind the scenes during those episodes. Maybe we will get to see that on upcoming sets. U cant expect the network to add a ton of features to a show that may not sell huge numbers in stores. For example, some people have opted no to buy the set because the show is still in high syndication on television. Ah well it seem to be selling well here in vancouver so maybe we can expect more from upcoming sets of the show!!!

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