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BET is now airing a commercial for Wednesday's 106+Park when FP stops by. They show some footage of the video during it. I'm really glad i haven't checked it out on the internet cuz when i saw the parts of it in the commercial, that crazy excitment i'd get when "Ring My Bell" and the other older videos were premiering came over me...i felt i waz 11 all over again. Infact, the hype i picked up from this commercial waz alot more like the JJ+FP days then the time FP waz on Columbia. In the heart, i'm feeling really good about all this.

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I love how they also refur 2 him as "Rapper-Actor" and not the other way around. They just aired it again and said "tonight." Is he swinging by today or Wed?!?!

Rapper/Actor, thats what he really is..

But the most people have only knew of will as an actor, and they missed his great albums.

i feel sorry for thease ppl

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They're showing the video tonight? :dunno: I think I'll try to check 106& Park all week if I could 'till I see the video.

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