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"Just One Of Those Days" Appreciation Post

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I love this song, best song on the I want to rock album :thumb:

"Someone knocked at the door, the teacher said who is it? This girl walked in, my imagination ran wild, she stole my heart by the way she smiled. I couldn't resist so I grabed her belt. She said whats wrong with you fool? Are you some kind of nut? The teacher turned around while my arm was extended, she looked at my face and said prince your suspended! I said your tripping it's just a bad habit, she put it in my face, she must of wanted me to grab it!"

Classic! :lolsign:

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yeah that is a clasic! love that song.

however, it actually goes: "i couldn't resist so i grabbed her butt"

butt is reversed in order 2 edit the song, so it sounds like belt. i always used 2 think it said belt 2 until i noticed that it sounded edited. so i put the song in a wav editor and reversed that word and its quite clear that he says butt :lolsign: i wonder why they edited out butt? whats so wrong with that?

anyways not 2 make a big deal about it, i love the song 2 :rock:

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"Just One of Those Days" is hilarious. Yet another track that deserves a video. The reason they edited "butt" waz just becuz Hip-Hop wazn't very commercial until the time of Rock The House...so they were keeping it ultra clean. After all, look at how they re-did "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" for Jive.

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Classic story-telling from the Fresh Prince, and u gotta love the old-school scratchin from Jeff... Whenever I walk into the gas-station snack store near my school-- especially on the rare occasion I stop in in the morning-- I contemplate purchasing the terrible trio of a tastykake, an orange juice, and a bubbleyum pack. Mmmmmm... :cya:

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