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Top 10 Favorite Hip-Hop/R&B Albums?


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Here's my top 10 r&b albums at this moment even though I rarely listen to r&b these days, it actually took me a minute to figure out what I've been listening to lately:

1-Aaliyah "Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number"

2-Jaheim "Ghetto Love"

3- New Edition "One Love"

4-Boyz II Men "NathanMichaelShawnWanya"

5-New Edition "Home Again"

6-Boyz II Men "Evolution"

7-Dru Hill "Dru Hill"

8- Joe "My Name Is Joe"

9-Mariah Carey "Butterfly"

10-Keith Sweat "Rebirth"

Well I like to balance it out by listening to other artists but JJFP are in a class by themselves to me and I don't have to pick my brain to figure out where I put those albums while my other albums get rearranged all the time in my music cabinet(except those other favorites I mentioned too on my previous lists).

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My top Fav Rap albums are:

1.The Great Milenko - Insane Clown Posse

2.R U Still Down (Remember Me) - 2Pac

3.Freekshow - Twiztid

4.Lethal Injection - IceCube

5.The Amazing Jeckel Brothers - Insane Clown Posse

6.Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavored Water - LimpBizkit

(by the way, it's more of rap than rock :dancingcool: )

7.Doggy Style - Snoop Doggy Dogg

8.Ready To Die - Notorious B.I.G

9.The Chronic - Dr. Dre

10.The Slim Shady LP - Eminem

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