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Will gets jiggy at ellis island


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Will Smith Gets Jiggy at Ellis Island

My late grandmother, Frieda Friedman, passed through Ellis Island back in 1913. It turned out last night that actress-singer Jada Pinkett's grandfather was also processed through America's gateway of immigration back in 1924.

Jada, however, didn't know this piece of her family history until her aunt told her at the premiere of husband Will Smith's "Hitch," which took place at the Ellis Island Museum.

"We looked it right up on their computer and he was there," Jada said, beaming. "It was the last year Ellis Island was open."

In fact, everyone at the premiere learned about Pinkett's ancestry when Smith announced it from the stage of the afterparty. He was rapping and holding forth with his childhood pal, DJ Jazzy Jeff.

"It was the white side of her family," he joked during "Getting Jiggy Wit It."

"There is no white side," Jada laughed later on the ferry ride back to the mainland. "That's just Will."

The premiere of "Hitch" was one of those events about which you heard non-stop griping for days from the invitees.

"Who wants to go there in this weather?" was a constant refrain.

The party turned out to be one of the best of the year, however. It was very elegantly put together by event coordinator Ronnie Davis. Peggy Siegal came on crutches. Missy Elliott — all smiles and looking cute — marshaled her manager and posse for the trek.

Beautiful Eva Mendes, Smith's co-star, not only danced the night away but also autographed many color pics of herself for Radio Man, the troll-like semi-homeless, bike riding, ghetto-blaster wearing good luck charm who is an omnipresent guest at the entrance to Hollywood premieres.

"This is the guy from MTV," he told the ravishing actress, who's sort of the 2000s model of Sophia Loren. "He's making a movie about me."

"He is? I wanted to do that," replied Mendes — expletives deleted.

"Take care," Radio Man said as Mendes gave him a peck on the cheek. "Get some rest."

"Rest? No rest tonight," shouted Mendes as she scampered to her car.

She and the rest of the "Hitch" crew were on their way to Bungalow 8 despite a sleet storm.

Now, just a little bit about Will Smith who, after all, is the star of the movie. He told me that doing a romantic comedy, with no car chases, explosions or aliens, made him feel "naked."

Still, between action adventure, romantic comedy and rap-stand up comedy, it seems that he can do anything. And he loves his wife.

At the end of one rap, he whispered into the mike, "I love Jada."

I know: he's too good to be true. But studio publicists even admitted that Smith, unlike most stars, is no diva — or is it divo?

"He can take care of himself," they said.

So the only bad news is that Smith conceded to me he has no more annual Fourth of July movies up his sleeve. In recent years, he's starred in one after another blockbuster that opened on that holiday weekend. But "Hitch" is all for 2005 so far, and the movies he has lined up do not feature aliens or robots.


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thanks for that! i hate the way people always try to make out their relationship is in trouble...they're solid as a rock lol

yeah cuz Will and Jada have had no problems, they try to pick out anything they can. Eva seems to like Will's company though... haha but then again, what girl wouldn't?

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