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SWITCH "cruising" in Portugal


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Yesterday i was going to meet a couple of friends and i poped in Switch while i was driving, and i noticed that a lot of people looked at me .

Well i don't know if it was becasue of my beautiful face, :lolsign: because of the "volume" of the music, or the music itself.

But the most funniest thing was, when i arrived, a lot of my friends asked me about what i was listening, and they said thet it sounded very good. (you should know that most of my friends are not into Hip-Hop,and that a complement comin from them is a lot).

And they even noded their head to Switch. :rock:

I just thought that i should share it with you guys.

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FP is very good as taking non-Hip-Hop fans and gettin' them in2 his stuff. That's what i always do tho'...play his/their stuff in the car around fans 2 spark their interest in his music.

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