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Will vs Haters Quotes


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Ya'll in the stands dissin', kickin' dirt and missin'

My heavenly flows put MC's in hell's kitchen, ugh

Ya'll hate, I retaliate, just by being great

Player haters been hatin on my playin for years

Now they seeing they worst fears as I bathe in cheers

When I released my first single back in like '86

People was like oh you know that's popcorn and you know they weak

You know then I mess around I go world trade on them

Bangin out them multi-plats they still got negativity to bring

My thing is you can't say nothing nice don't say nothing

Jealousy swinging on me made his attack

(He soft he wack man that ain't real rap)

You believe that

It hurt me at first but it's cool

Took the insults fed em to my ego used it for fuel

I can take twelve rappers and put em in line

Then twelve emcees that think they can rhyme

Then twelve more brothers that still ain't signed

Then, don't do nuthin, just watch em decline

Gangsta hardcore menace to society

Rap's all the same my pen spits variety

people said that I couldn’t rap

ha ha ha well you can stop that

coz I’m a rapper and a half

and in the past I chose to make people laugh

and I was criticized for that

some called me soft, some called me wack

I gotta admit y’all I felt bad

(Who’d ya call)

so as usual I called my Dad

He’s sort of a fifty-one year old Casanova

He said son, "Yo, come on over."

He sat me down and he told me this

Son when your all that, you’re gonna get dissed

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Those are nice quotes from FP, here's a couple more

"I was born to reign

Point blank my name

To be etched in stone

My destiny pre-ordained

Trying to live righteous

Fighting for life this is my life

And That's why I go light on my vices"

"i found gold in my heart, put my ice away

nicer day, live foul homie it's a price to pay"

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this is another good 1...

‘Cause I like it when fun flows like a faucet (uh)

But sometimes, some guys mistake it for softness

But I ain’t no silly sappy singin softy

When push comes to shove, ya better back up off me

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Here's another one:

"'F' me yo what did I do?

Watch your mouth man I don't even know you!

I'm a peaceful man, real easy, hey you got a problem wit me 'B'?"

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