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My All-Time Favorite FP Songs


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my first real 'new topic' post, which basically consisted of my listening to alot of music while i put off doin hwk (senior slide, what)... check it outtttttttt

rock the house

girls ain't nuthin but trouble (Classic - w/ a capital "C")

just one of those days

rock the house (beat boxin!)

he's the dj, i'm the rapper

brand new funk

as we go

parents just don't understand (vintage early FP story-time)

pump up the bass

he's the dj, i'm the rapper (best FP flow EVER when he goes off in the middle?)

and in this corner

the reverend (ridiculous use of sampling, but fun)

then she bit me (stupid gag song, but i still laugh)

numero uno

too damn hype

jeff waz on the beat box


i'm all that

summertime (smooooth... best FP song ever?)

code red

yeah ive never heard this one

big willie style

y'all know (for "switch" fans-- check the rhymes here & tell me how it stacks up)

gettin jiggy wit it (obscenely catchy, almost annoyingly so)

don't say nothin (only b/c he gets angry and whatnot)

yes yes ya'll

just the two of us


i'm comin (angry again, gosh!)

will 2k (another way 2 catchy for ur own good)

so fresh (sooooooo good, what a collab)


wild wild west (see: jiggy and will2k)

born to reign

how da beat goes (only by B2R standards)

block party (clearly just tryin to recapture 'summertime' vibe, but still good)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand RESPOND! :cya:

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He're mine

"rock the house"

never heard

"he's the dj, i'm the rapper"

as we go

brand new funk

he's the dj, i'm the rapper

"and in this corner..."

never heard



caught in the middle

"code red"

i'm looking for the one

somethin' like dis

twinkle, twinkle(i'm not a star)

"big willie style"

don't say nothin'

just the two of us

chasin' forever



the rain

so fresh

"born to reign"

block party

born to reign

act like u know

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  • Admin

ok looks like i gotta do this again...

Rock The house

just rockin - dope beat will spittin fire

a touch of jazz - one of the first jazz hip hop cuts

magnificent jazzy jeff - one of the first emcee/dj cuts..timeless

hes the dj

here we go again - just a really chilled out track..great beat, and laid back rhymes from FP

brand new funk-what can you say..classic!

charlie mack 1st out the limo-this beat is just crazy, and we get to hear why no1 sould mess with charlie mack

and in this corner

jazzys groove - its just a classic jjfp track

you got it (donut) - clever samples, i like the story/rhymes from Fp on this 1

the reverend - funny track/great dance track

jeff waz on the beat box - more classic jjfp..crazy beat great scratchin and great skills by FP on the mic


i'm all that-its just one of those perfect comeback type tracks

summertime - well what more can be said abt summertime

this boy is smooth - real smooth track love the horn solo

code red

somethin like dis - ol skool mixed with new..fierce hip hop cut..fp rips it on the mic jeff backin up on vocals n scratches pete rock beat and classic rock the boat sample for the chorus is just a perfect mix

im looking for the one- its like code reds version of summertime..the ultimate teddy riley/jjfp feel good jam

twinkle twinkle - pretty much sums up why will is liked so many..down 2 earth..insane beat..just awesome jjfp.

just kickin it- smooth track with great female vocals

jjfp b-sides

i wanna rock jazzy jeff vibe remix - this was one of the finest hip hop traxs they ever did

from da south - just classic jjfp lettin loose in the studio(actually they did it in jeffs basement)

big willie style

dont say nothin - great diss track to the haters

i loved you - real emotion in this track great backing vocals

its all good - just a real fun record


pump me up - the classic old school jjfp cut

potnas - awesome, its got the cover of whodinis friends, larry gold strings a potnas oath, vocals from jeff classic late 90s jjfp

the rain - jill scott..serious track..great lyrics..kids at the end..fantastic

born to reign

how da beat goes - great jam!

momma knows - just the best beat on born to reign for mine..and pretty solid message from will

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Welcome 2 the board!! U haven't got Code Red?!?! Go out and get it!! U are seriously missin' out on some of their best work.

Here's my quick list...

Rock The House

Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble

Just One Of Those Days

A Touch of Jazz

He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper

As We Go

Brand New Funk

Nightmare On My Street

And In This Corner...

Who Stole My Car?

Then She Bit Me

Everything That Glitters (Ain't Always Gold)



I'm All That

This Boy Is Smooth

Code Red

Somethin' Like Dis

Just Kickin' It

Scream (or) Shadow Dreams

Big Willie Style

Just Cruisin' (MIB Soundtrack)

Don't Say Nothin'

It's All Good



The Rain

Afro Angel

The Magnificent

For Da Love of Da Game

Musik Lounge

Know Ur Hood

Born To Reign

Act Like You Know

Block Party

How Da Beat Goes (or) Give Me Tonite


Holla Back

New Kids On The Block

From Da South

Keep in my favs alter from season 2 season.

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Rock The House:

Girls Aint Nothin But Trouble

Just One of Those Days

Just Rockin'

He's the DJ:

Here We Go Again

Brand New Funk

As We Go

Time to Chill

Lets Get Busy Baby

Pump up the Bass

And in this corner...:

Who Stole My Car?

Then She Bit Me

Jeff Waz on the Beat Box


Ring My Bell


Summertime (reprise)

Code Red:

Somethin Like Dis

Just Kickin' It

Im Looking For The One (to be with me)

Big Willie Style:

Gettin Jiggy Wit It



Its All Good


So Fresh

Pump Me Up


The Rain

Born To Reign:

Eh... eh... hm...

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