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Alright ready? Come on man this is what I do

Yo mic check, mic check, yeah here you go,

Nah he over here. Yeah I heard he got that hot new thing.

Its called………Switch (switch)

Let’s get it going



Switch, turn it over and hit it

Turn around now switch

Turn it over and hit it


Vibe to vibe a second, it’s a club girl why you arrived naked

Hear that, how the veteran glide the record

But don’t download, go out and buy the record


Something sexy bout her,

Girl on the floor, all her friends around her

I mean real clean, ain’t gotta touch or nothing

It ain’t like I like a chick on chick or something

I’m just a sucker for a hot track,

Gimme a drink and a chick to tell ‘Stop that’

Dance is a hop and a clap, flip it round

Now bring it on back, break it down

Now Switch!


Uh uh uh

I gotta question, I need to ask somebody

Why is it that when y’all see me at the party

Y’all be looking like ‘Ooo he a movie star

He ain’t supposed to be out on the floor with everybody’

But oh wait, whoa y’all forgetting

When I was, amateur spitting before the scripts were written

First one in, last one out the club

Bursting in, passing out in the club

Back at it, this cat is the wit and the charm

Thinking you higher like (track jumps)

Bringing the fire, making you Benz ring the alarm

Let me see you clap, spin baby come on



Oh you just gonna stand there huh?

What you too cute to dance? Or you scared?

It ain’t really that hard to do and

I ain't trying to be in love with you and

All I wanted was a moment or two to

See if you could do that Switch-a-roo and

Shut your mouth fool, get your crew and

The thick body and the rear one too and

I’ll be right hear waiting on you to

See if you can do that Switch-a-roo

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey, heeeeeeeeeeeeey

That’s what I’m talking bout, do that thing mama

That’s what I’m talking bout, do that thing mama

That’s what I’m talking bout, do that thing mama

That’s what I’m talking bout, Switch


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Guest Guest_brutus

switch,it's the typical cool dance song that most of rappers use to attract listeners,

good dance song,but i wanna hear all the stuff on this new big will era,at moment Switch it's not a old skool song!!!!

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That does look like somethin' that Slick Rick would write, FP's stepped it up again! :thumb:

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