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they played the whole vid, wikid stuff. Will wearing lots of cool clothes, rapping to a MIC then shots in a grimey club with people dancing.

Banging clap beat, sing along moments

What more can i say

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Nice body :). She got it correct with her description.

Gona be a defoo floor filler in the clubs, listened to it twice and its alreayd stuck in my head.

Got Kwame (i guess) in it at the begginging outside the studio booth messing with controls.

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Its a definate anthemn, got me noddig my head by the end of the first listen.

Cat Deeley presented it as the UK premiere, so has it been shown in the states anywhere yet?

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defo, I would love to put it up here right now, but i don't have my minidisc player with me to do so (like i did with the back in black thing from VHS-MiniDisc-PC)

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