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Racist Hot 97 Skit Mocking Tsunami Victims

fan 4ever

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I think when people do stuff like that, it comes back 2 them one way or another. No need 2 really stress over it. I still hope a few people slash the tires on their car and break all the windows tho.' Then they could air that on TV just like those fools aired their ignorant skit.

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IT seems that miss jones wuz suspended. Heres whut ?uestlove jsut posted on the okayplayer site:

Hot 97 has "suspended indefinitely" Miss Jones' morning show. While many sources cite a song that trivialized the suffering of tsunami victims as the cause of this action, Hot 97's explanation differs drastically. Okayplayer was contacted today at 5:45 a.m. by Hot 97's publicist, Kathy Moreno. She stated, "After weeks of research, we have discovered that Miss Jones was the primary cause of the tsunami. Apparently, when dangerous levels of suck are transmitted through radio waves, dangerous seismological ramifications are almost a guarantee." She continued, "The song was actually a red herring. We at Hot 97 apologize for the horrible results of our programming and will make a concerted effort to suck less."

I guess BS just begets BS around Hot 97.

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