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I think most of JJ+FP's recordings would be interesting if they were remade. If had a choice of about 16 trax (about the length of an album), what songs would u like 2 hear totally remade from scratch...mostly the same lyrics and a few signature sounds from the original production, but totally re-done 4 the current year.

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I would kill for JJ+FP 2 basically start from scratch with keeping the bulk of the lyrics the same, and the some feel 2 the production in mind, but 2 totally remake all these trax 4 an album.

JJ+FP: REmakes

1. New Kids On The Block/Brand New Funk feat. Ready Rock C

2. As We Go

3. Rock The House feat. Ready Rock C

4. The Things U Do

5. Just Rockin' feat. Run + DMC

6. I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)

7. Numero Uno feat. LL Cool J

8. The Groove feat. The Roots

9. Just Kickin' It

10. U Saw My Blinker

11. I Wanna Rock - Pump Me Up Medley

12. It's All Good

13. Potnas feat. Ready Rock C

14. A Touch of Jazz (with FP on the mic)

15. Summertime feat. Tatyana Ali (on the hook)

16. Live At Union Square (November 2004)

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i think brand new funk is the most likely one to be redone.

summertime are, in my opinion, the perfect song and should not be touched.

GANBT and PJDU would be cool but it would be kind of sick to sick about like parents or so when you are over 35yo.

a new live at union square would be nice, cuz that would mean i new consert ^^

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Jazzy's groove remake with the roots is a fantastic idea... but they should also invite Grover Washington again.. the bside of the 89 single is also cool.. there is so much tension is this song... I think, the most emotionel instrumental I know.. ok.. there are a few lines by da Prince, but this lines are perfectly choosen... really really great song.. a jazzfunk-Hip hop fusion.. never heard something like dat by other artists. What I also find funny are this storys about gangstarr n other groups, who were the "first one who mixed hip hop with jazz".. there are much props going 2 stetsasonic, too. I mean, like both crews... I like them all, but nobody mention Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.. they where kickin Jazz with Hip Hop beatz in "A touch of Jazz" in 1987... u can find such stuff in many of their songs.. "here we go again" in 1988, this was be4 the "revoultionary" Jazzthing by Gangstarr..


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definately Rhthym Trax - House Partay style. that would sound ace now.

Brand Nea Funk defo, cos it could still keep that old skool feel.

Maybe I'm looking for the one would be an interesting re-make, just a new millenium groove to it.

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I would have JJFP feat. Slick Rick on the "You Saw My Blinker" re-make

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My fav list of remakes:

I'm Looking For The One (to be with me), but with a bit of changed lyrics

The Magnificient

Here We Go Again

Jeff Waz on The beat box

Brand New Funk

Jazzys Groove

The Men Of Your Dreams (yo that would be DOPE!)

Numero Uno

Live at Leicester Square '04 :kekeke:

He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper

Ain't No Place Like Home

Too Damn Hype

As We Go

The Reverend


JJFP Rocks The House!!!!!!!!

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