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Higher Baby


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It's on a compilation album called Barcelona Gold from 1992 which is pretty hard 2 find. Coca-Cola backed the Olympics that year (which is the theme of the album) and Coca-Cola put out some 6-track CD samplers of the album. "Higher Baby" can be found on the 3rd disc of that series. If someone is interested, i think i can find a copy of that.

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I have this song on my playlist and everytime it comes on, i changed the track cuz i dont really like it anymore. The lyrics and chorus are fine but just like the opening beat and overall production gets annoying. I use to like it alot but definatly sounds like an NBA jam soundtrack anthem or sometihng.

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Hmm, actually, I got this song... many of the other b-sides are up, so is it okey with you if i put it up somewhere or are you bout to kill me if I do it? In that case, I'm not sure.

haha .. i dont think that anyone here would kill you .. :kekeke: or your crazy horse :kekeke:

i guess that a few people here would love to hear the full version of this great song .. :thumb:

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