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Franz Ferdinand • Green Day • Keane • Jamelia • Lemar • Snoop Dogg • Pharrell Williams • Scissor Sisters • Daniel Bedingfield • Natasha Bedingfield • Joss Stone • Sir Bob Geldof

The Bedingfields are singing together as are Jamelia and Lemar

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Interesting. Bout time Daniel & Natasha did something together it was inevitable really. I like some of Natasha'a stuff, good basic pop music, easy on the ears

But where the hell is Katie Melua???????

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Green Day Rock, im going to see them in Nottingham in a couple of weeks, can't wait.

Anyone who midly enjoys Rock and even those who don't i urge you to pick up a copy of American Idiot. Its an amazing album.

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Being a big fan of Lemar and Jamelia, I can't wait to see them perform together, they, i'm hopeing lemar get's his two awards and Alicia Keys get's her award

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Avril lavigne is in bets pop and she's not even british.

That category is not a "Best British ... " thats why she's there, quite a few of them say Best British this or Best British that quite simple really. :nhawong:

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