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top 10 movies


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1. I, Robot (i just watched it again last nite)

2. Sharktale (may have been number 1 if i didn't watch I, Robot last nite)

3. Ray

4. Spider-Man 2

5. Fat Albert

6. Born Supremacy

7. Honey (from the end of 2003)

8. You Got Served (from the end of 2003)

9. Taxi

10. Without A Paddle

I have some DVDs i bought of movies i havn't watched yet like Breaking All The Rules, and White Chicks.

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well .. i guess its a top5 for me .. i really dont remember 5 other movies this year :D

1. The Butterfly Effect

Great Story .. wonderful actors .. one of the best movies ive ever seen

2. The Day After Tomorrow

great actors .. especially jake gyllenhaal and an unbelievable sweet emmy rossum .. :)

3. Collateral

Well .. a great movie .. great dialogs between jamie and tom .. and an overall wonderful performance of jamie foxx :)

4. I, Robot

yep .. will at his best :)

5. Shark Tale

funny movie ..

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