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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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Thanx...that's good enough 4 me. I look at it this way...we've waited over 2 years 4 this album...what's another 2 months?

"Switch" isn't even out yet and it's already January, I don't even think I'd want the album out this month anyway...I'd rather let Will give it time and space 2 put this thing out right. People have said in the past that this could be a make or break album, I'd rather he did it the way he's doing it now than rushing it.

I guess we can look forward 2 hearing the single around 6 weeks from now after all. :sonny: :switch:

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damnit...for cryin out loud, release the damn single already! lolol...

I am one to think that this is FP's make or break album. It just seems weird tho cuz fall '03 on the set of "All of us" he said it'd be out soon, july 12th MTV TRL and july 14th 2004 BET 106& Park he said 6 weeks......jeezs im gettin sick of waitin...lolol.

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