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mib 3


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They could have aliens trying to take over or destroy Earth and Will and his partner are the ones that stop them.........oh yeah and they wear black (Will and his partner, not the aliens).

What do you think, good idea aint it?

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nah an ID4 2 wont work, that film was a one off, the second 1 surely cant be successful. Its like trying 2 do a titanic 2 lol.

MIB 3 would work coz they can keep them going 4 a while, the whole alien organisation thing is great, they could keep on going with story lines 4 that forever, apart from i cant think of any right now 2 answer the question, but what do i know im not a writer lol.
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I don't think that I wanna see Will make anotha MIB movie, 'cause he should just leave it at 2 MIB movies and move on. Those 2 were great, but if MIB3's wack, then it'll ruin the MIB legacy!
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