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okay i gotta battle yall!


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what u cant except change?
its time to get with it maine
i did a whole post on the other board
new ubb software i couldnt afford
and the old forum was clearly outdated
so before you came on here and hated
you should have checked my long ass post
about how i was moving the site to a new host
and i even suggested you give me new forum ideas before that 1 die
but i didnt even get 1 reply!
so quit your complaining
or i'll give you a lyrical caning!
lets enjoy the new forums and have some fun
and get back to the battles so i can claim spot number one

:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
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[color=blue]see there, now u KNOW u trippin Timbo
startin dis battle on an unforseen whim, ..OH
but i see u done gone out... on a teeny limb
need cookie to rescue u,...lil tiny tim? :rofl: hehe
lol,...naa...u know im jokin bru,...u speakin truth, in every word u sayin
guess everybody thought u was just playin
when u told em. "Whas up,...looka here, im bouts to do this"
they ignored ya, flipped da warning switch like a big DISS,
just like dem country folks back in da day,
when Noah handled his business, brotha wutn't bouts 2 play
Noah said, "look, im bout it~bout it
and if yall dont get up on this ark, yall gone be out~it out~it
LOL...its all cool tho, erebody gone get used 2 our new spot
gone be rollin like we BEEN doin it, chillin,... n coppin a squat
now im finsta kick back & relax,
like always jack,
Big sis reppin dat hott~ATL gotZ it like dat...


i am soo buggiN...LOL... :dunno: :eekdance:

3cookies [/color]
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aight im gonna keep it real like will
so ya just gonna have to sit down and chill
i neva make a misstake when im rappin
chose my words carefully, observe what happens
rhymes so tyte i have the whole crowd clappin
cause my love fo fresh prince and jazzy jeff is pure passion
and whats up with this forum change??
i must admit i find it kinda strange, but i actually prefer this one instead
its tyte like code red, so plz give the admins some cred
so lets see if u guys can rap or have some skill
cause to beat me u need god`s will
but we all have one thing in common, we all think fresh prince is da rhyming king
so rap me back if you have what it takes to be king.....
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  • 7 years later...

looking at this old thread makes me think we should bring back the battles!

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lol, i got something in mind that i'll do here and see if anybody responds to it:

There's been so much talk about the state of hip hop
Some say it's alive, some say it's gone
I say let's bring back the lyrics that're strong
Like Biggie I tell all them critics you're "dead wrong"
All the nonsense and drama is soft
Bunch of internet gangstas, sucka mcs and wankstas
They're all frontin' like they're gang bangers
Just 'cause they seen a flick by Spike Lee
Or heard a record by Ice-T
But they won't last one round trying to fight me
Since I bring the thrill with the skills
To put an end to the negative filth
Before I finish I give a birthday shout out to Will
And a message to all the critics like he said it's "Time To Chill"

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aight i'll start it off in a fresh thread

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Those were a whole load of fun! We should defo bring it back! i remember we had the audio battles as well!

I think when Numero Uno went, things changed. I think we need a fresh category for our music/lyrical collection again. Maybe even name it something different. It'd be nice to keep up with new music from people like we did before, and not have it get bumped down by "the" hot news story of the day.

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