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Will in a huff


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Smith 'in a huff' over nightclub treatment

07/04/2004 - 12:53:57

Will Smith was not happy when he and his posse arrived at a late-night party and concert hosted by Prince at the Manhattan nightclub Black recently only to be told he would have to pay $80 a head to stay.

Nightclub staff were escorting the Men In Black star to a table that had been reserved for his party when Prince’s people stepped in and demanded the money.

Needless to say, Will and company left in a huff.

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This waz posted over at the WS board last week. However, that article said that it waz rumored that other celebrities were ushered in thru' the back...which made it look shady that they were charging Will. The other article didn't mention FP bringing a group of people with him...tho' he rarely makes appearances alone.

I suggested on the other board that Prince waz jealous only cuz he's Prince...but Will is the Fresh Prince.
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Prince wudnt be Jelous cos he's not got as cooler name lol.

Prince is a legend, but so of course is our man Will.

I can understand Will's annoyance especially with other celebs being sneaked in for free


Purple Rain (Classic)
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I don't think that Will would lose his cool that easily, he knows how to protect his rep. :confused:
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