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I always wondered this so tell me what you think.....Why do you think Girls Aint Nuttin But Trouble becamse so famous and Guys Aint Nuttin But Trouble didn't?

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That's a silly ?uestion. "Girls Ain't Nothing Trouble" waz intended 2 be a big single and it waz their big break. "Guys Ain't Nothing But Trouble" waz the 5th single from Rock The House and waz released promotionally 4 DJs 2 play in clubs and on the radio. It waz put out 2 keep the word of JJ+FP out there but it waz never intended 2 be a HUGE single or anything. I'm truely struggling 2 understand why this waz asked.

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girls aint nothing but trouble was a single, their first single. Guys anit nothing but trouble was not even sang by them it was ice cream T, and it was taken way to far. she wanted to go get her gun and squeez the trigger? no! girls aint nothing but trouble was a funny well written song, thats why it was made into a single.

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