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Will Smith Performs “Men in Black” With J. Balvin at Coachella in Surprise Appearance

The rapper-actor was dressed in sunglasses and a black suit, like his character in the 1997 film.


APRIL 14, 2024 10:11PM
Will Smith performs at Coachella on Sunday night.
Will Smith performs at Coachella on Sunday night. ARTURO HOLMES/GETTY IMAGES FOR COACHELLA

Will Smith was a surprise guest at Coachella on Sunday night.

The rapper-actor hit the stage alongside J Balvin to perform his hit song “Men in Black,” from his 1997 box office blockbuster film of the same name.

Smith appeared in sunglasses and a black suit, the standard uniform of his character in the film, which starred Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as investigators in a secret organization who monitor and police extraterrestrials. 

Smith and Balvin rapped the song together, while backup dancers dressed as aliens and a giant alien head prop added to the effect. At the end of the performance, Balvin was dragged off by two people in black suits.

Then, Smith was seen holding up the device used in the movie to erase the memories of people who witness alien activities, in addition to wiping out the memories of agents ready to retire.

The movie, which made $250.7 million at the domestic box office (not adjusted for inflation), spawned three sequels: 2002’s Men in Black II, 2012’s Men in Black 3 and 2019’s Men in Black: International, the latter of which was considered a stand-alone movie set in the same universe but did not feature Smith or Jones.

Coachella’s performances were full of surprise guests this weekend, including Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, Shakira, Paris Hilton and Kesha, the latter of whom changed the lyrics to her hit song “Tik Tok” to say “**** P. Diddy” during her performance with Reneé Rapp.

Watch part of Smith and Balvin’s performance below.

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The appearance was a good look. Just a fun, light moment.  The MIB-accurate suite is on point. I'm not sure why the first video was removed. Here's one from the audience. He sounds great. 


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