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Wow...Big NBA Trade Rumor


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Read this in an article at ESPN.com. Stephen A SMith got some word, of a trade, Proposed by Toronto:

Toronto Gets:

Derek Anderson

Shareef Abdur-Rahim


Portland Gets

Jalen Rose

VInce Carter

2 Un-Named players..

As a Blazers fan, I say DO IT! Hell, Toronto Put the damn thing on the table. Downside, we're taking on 2 heavy Contracts.

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I think the Blazers need to get Vince Carter to compete in the West 'cause there's so many good teams there but in the East Conf. there's more teams rebuilding with young talent so the Raptors wanna trade Vince Carter so that they could play their younger players, it'd be good trade for both teams, let's wait and see how it goes down.

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