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Top 10 things to do while waiting for switch


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Julie & Tim proudly present tonights top 10 List

The Top 10 things to do while waiting for Switch to be released!

10. Come up with your own switch dance by shoving your socks down your pants (dabrakes style) and doin a jig

9. Have a dream that you heard switch and it was crap to make you feel better about not hearing it!

8. Take your mind off switch by waiting for fresh prince of bel air to be released on dvd

7. Yell out "Switch" at a Will Smith concert, and when he doesnt hear you yell it out again!

6. Download old b-sides and pretend you are listening to a "new will smith song"

5. Retitle an obscure track that isnt from Will "Switch" and put it on kazaa

4. Make 20 posts on a forum asking "when will switch be released"

3. Make fun of wack artists that are out right now to make you feel better

2. Make up a top 10 things to do while waiting for switch to be released list!

and the number one thing to while waiting for Switch to be released....

<drum roll>

1. Hack into a forum!

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LOL... :kekeke: ya'll crazy. :lolsign:

Top ten things I might just do...

1. FIND WILL'S cell number, and call him personally about Switch! :thumb: hehe...after all...theres only '50 million' or more numbers that could be his...

2. Get on STAGE with Will n Jeff at a JJFP concert, and stop the music. then ask bout Switch, before Charlie mack carry me offstage --->> head first. LOL

3. Make my OWN version of switch...with my kids CASIO keyboard with those annoying pre~recorded tunes. hehe... then distribute it to the board members for a small fee ...postage n handling to quite them down 4 a minute! dam, that'll be a winner yo! :switch: LOL

4. Find my potna "Trac" to whip out the catsuits since its Halloween and we crawl on Will's perimeter to get a sneakpeek of whats really going on with Switch.

5. Help ppl understand the REAL meaning of SWITCH !!! --- >>> a tree branch that people from the OLDSKOOL used to get a whippin with. Ya hafta go out N get ur own SWITCH...and dont come back with a short skinny SWITCH. LMAO. yall dont know nuthiN bout dat... :thumb: whoo hooo!

6. We invite Will to the board, and ask him to SWITCH the 'Switch' from 'Switch' to da oldskool Switch. LMAO... right...im with yall!! <<< --- whateva! :lolsign:

7. Understand the Switch epidemic is getting to ppl and drivin them crazy making them say crazy things like I just did in number 6...so have a coke and smile and shut the um...switch up!. :lolsign:

8. sit at your computer desk and think of all kinds of stupid silly things to say related to switch...switch dat bootay!!!...yep yep... switch numbers with board members....etc etc... :what: :lolsign:

9. Give myself a pat on the back...just because. ...

10. um...yea. that too. see ya's... :cya:



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my 10 things ill do until the new cd will drop...

1. dream on the 3rd singel of the cd

2. cut from the paper another articel of Will

3. hang on my wall a poster of Will from I, Robot

4. play with Oscar the "action figur" (not doll) that I got...

5. work on the song of this board...

6. loose another battel in English in this board...

7. learn how 2 hack to this forum... lol...

8. diss agree with AJ on why I love just Will Smith in the age more then JJFP back in the days...

9. hear Willenium, BWS, BTR, his the DJ im the... in loop until I go creazy...

10. and think on the 10th catigory until switch will be realised...

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One could scrutinize the word 'switch' till it held no longer held meaning.

Webster's defines switch as:

1. A slender flexible rod, stick, twig, or the like: especially, such a rod used for whipping. 2. The bushy tip of the tail of certain animals: a cow's switch. 3. A thick bunch of real or synthetic hair used by women as a part of hairstyle(I didn't know that one) 4. An exchange or swap, especially one done surrepititiously. 8. Any sudden transference or shift, as of opinion or attention.

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