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The Best Of The Solo Albums

The best is........  

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  1. 1. The best is........

    • DJ Jazzy Jeff - The Magnificent
    • Will Smith - Big Willie Style
    • Will Smith - Willenium
    • Will Smith - Born to Reign

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I choose Greatest hits because when i tryed to buy will smith cd's they were sold-out but for my birthday a couple of years ago i got greatest hits soo here comes the bad news

I ONLY HAVE GREATEST HITS :bang: :bang: :bang: :sad6:

by the way this was funny did you notice most of you joined 2004 :what:

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by the way this was funny did you notice most of you joined 2004 :what:

Actually, alot of us were posting a LOOOOONG time before 2004, its just that it wasn't on this particular board. Tim had another one before this. Alot of us used to post on the Sony board as well when it was up. Then Tim moved over to this board in 2004 and we all basically just came with him! Thats why it looks like we all joined in 2004, but the truth of the matter is we all migrated in 2004!!!

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This poll shouldn't exist, BWS and Willenium aren't "solo". It should be between "Born to Reign" and "The Magnificent" but this poll is just like saying "who do you like better? FP or Jeff?" ...I love Born to Reign's lyrics but it needs The Magnificent beats.

Big Willie Style was largely a Will Smith solo release. Jazz had a hand in like 2-3 songs.

Willenium is the only solo CD you could dismiss as a JJFP album as Jazz is on a good portion of that album.

Then again you could call Code Red more of a Will Smith solo CD too because Jazz only produced 2 tracks.

Besides all that it's a pretty simple question and it is not intended as a Will Smith vs. Jazz type deal cuz if it was I would have just put that as the question. (Besides it wouldn't be a fair fight between 3 Will albums and 1 Jazz album)

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