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Will smith claims he sold 60 million records...For real??

Big Rup

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Big willie style "only" sold ~11 million worldwide and that's by far his best selling album. As fresh prince him and jazz sold roughly ~6 million records. So where is this 60 figure coming from? He makes that claim on the "will" joyner lucas remix, as well as on his feature on Logic's song "Don't be afraid to be different"

source: https://bestsellingalbums.org/artist/14234

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Hey man - it may be a difference between US sales and overseas sales. Also the records shipped number VS units sold is differnt as well - Also when he refers to 60 million records sold that may include singles sales as well. From what I understand if you add up just the albums JJFP is about 6 million, then BWS would be 12 + willenium which I think is 5 and then adding in the others I think just album sales Will + JJFP I thought was about 30-32 million officially. So there is definitely a wide margin between what we know and what Will is talking about.

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well will is one of the highest selling hip hop artists of all time(on ja rule's birthday i was reading a post saying he sold 30 million albums i mean get the hell out of here now for god's sake none of his album's came close to big willie style status), he needs to get more credit for his musical work solo and with jeff, people only give him credit for his acting career but keep in mind him and jeff helped put hip hop on the commercial map with the first grammy in history in 1988 and 30 years after that the video he did for the world cup in 2018 is one of the highest viewed videos of his career on youtube that's a testament to longevity not even ll cool j or chuck d have 100 million views 3+ decades later, if there was a jjfp album it's a possibility it could outsell kanye west, jay z, eminem,(btw it'd be a tragedy to see both eminem and jay z go to the rock and roll hall of fame before him and if that fool kanye ever gets in the hall of fame should shut down hip hop forever what a damn joke so many pioneers like jjfp rakim krs kid n play and nas should get in first way before them) and all the so called top names of today, props should be given, he did it all the classy way, a bulletproof 10+ album career with over 20 billboard hits between jeff and will over the last 35 years without one parental advisory sticker, not even ll cool j or krs one could claim that, you could say jjfp should be in the hip hop goat discussion way more often

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