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Boom! Shake the Room Live on Arsenio

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Yeah, this is a bit of a holy grail. When I was younger, I watched The Arsenio Hall Show almost every night.  I somehow missed this episode, but I knew it existed because when he would do "Props 2 Hip-Hop" shows, he would show pictures of guests he had from Hip-Hop and he showed a picture of this appearance.  Even when they aired reruns, they never showed this episode. 

I'd never seen Arsenio have that stage on his set, or the greenscreen, so this has a lot going on that was never done any other time on his show. The fact that they did the street remix is dope, too.  Back in the 90's artists would perform their remixes sometimes, but it was rarely done once the 2000 hit.  I do get the impression that this was during the time that Will's ego was a bit big.  He kind of likes hearing himself talk during this appearance. 

Thanks for finding it. I thought I might never see this performance. 

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