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This one has hit me hard.  It was the late 80's when I was at my cousins house and heard "The Humpty Dance" for the first time on WPGC.  That bass line, Humpty's outrageous lyrics, the energy....Digital Underground is one of a kind. People want to give Dr. Dre props for incorporating p-funk into Hip-Hop. No. Shock G did it first and he did it best. I haven't felt loss like this (unless I personally knew the artist we lost) since Heavy D. Shock G/DU were always in my top 10. 

Shock G was a creative genius.  His imagination was wild.  He made the DU album inserts a comical and artistic adventure.  He was a student.  He was a self-taught piano player, turntablist, and drummer.  As a writer, he could write an outrageous song for Humpty, then hit you with a conscious song.  Shock could rhyme and sing on a song without doing it terribly like a lot of the 2000's rappers did. 

Shock G not only brought us Tupac, he kept his legacy honest. All these other people tried to pimp him as a Deathrow rapper, a thug, and gangsta rapper, but Shock always made it his personal mission to make sure we know his heart and the man he really was. Without Shock G brining him to Digital Underground, he may have stayed and underground rapper in Strictly Dope. 

Shock G is also one of the funniest guys in Hip-Hop. He could talk about anything and it would be entertaining.

I was heartbroken when he "retired", but he had the sense to say that the studio and the industry depressed him and made him turn to drugs, so he left to not live that life.  It'll be sad if it was drugs that played a role in losing him. So many emcees have shown love to him recently, so he was definitely loved by all that met/knew him.


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well said aj he definately brought out the authentic style of p-funk and the realest side of 2pac, a one of a kind artist, he truely will be missed, rest in paradise to an icon...

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