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Who remembers me? Big sis 3cookies?


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I can not believe that I even remembered my password on here, after all these years. Omg. I talked to Jamie and was coming over here a while back but my sister died and my world turned upside down. How is everyone???????? 


I hope everyone is staying safe in this covid-19 situation. And hope this is in the right forum . 

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Hey Cookies! It’s been a long time. Seeing your name on the forum again brings back a lot of good memories.

So sad to hear about your sister. My deepest sympathies to you and your family.

Times have changed. I’m a father now. A baby girl. I became a member here when I was still a teenager. Time flies.

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hey 3cookies, i remember you jjfp sis, brings back memories of when all of us jjfp heads were on here during lost and found let's pray this covid-19 world gets back in order soon enough and jjfp drop another classic album the world needs it, my condolences on your loss, i lost my pops and uncle in the last 5 years and i'm 36 now still working on my shadow dream of being a classic hip hop artist like jjfp and all the greats we've been losing all the greats like dmx, black rob, and tonight as i'm typing shock g passed just now life is precious i'm trying to carry the torch god bless us all, real hip hop forever...

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Welcome back. So good to hear from you.  Always think of you when Chasing Forever comes on, as i remember it being your fave track, and that amazing painting of Jeff you did.

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