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wow u guys have a lot of Cds i dont have that many , not coz of money reasons but because i can never find that many albums i like 2 buy. but here is my list, the artists are in order of how much i like them.

Will Smith - Born to reign
Will Smith - Big Willie Style
Will Smith - Willenium
jjfp - greatest hits
jjfp - code red
jjfp - homebase
jjfp - and in this corner
jjfp - hes the Dj
jjfp - platinum and gold collection
Maximum Will Smith
TLC - 3D
TLC - Fanmail
TLC - Crazy Sexy Cool
TLC - OOOooooooOOOOoooohhh on the TLC tip
Lisa Left eye Lopez - Supernova
Micheal Jackson - off the wall
Micheal Jackson - Thriller
Micheal Jackson - Bad
Micheal Jackson - Dangerous
Justin Timberlake - Justified
Destinys Child - Survivor
Destiny's child - the writings on the wall
Beyonce - Dangerously in love
Aaliyah - Aaliyah
Aalyah - one in a million
Janet Jackson - All 4 u
Shaggy - hot shot
2pac - greatest hits
Wyclef Jean - the ecleftic
LL Cool J - 10
Nelly - Nellyville (Sorry!)
R kelly - the R in RnB
the very best of pure RnB
eternal - greatest hits
Britney Spears - oops i did it again
Britney Spears - Britney
Sisqo - unleash the dragon
R Kelly - TP2.com
Jennifer Lopez - JLo
Outcast - Speakerboxxx/the love below

wow i had more than i thought.
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Will Smith:Big Willie Style
Will Smith:Willennium
Will Smith:Born 2 Reign
JJ FP:Code Red
JJ Fp:Home Base
JJ FP:He's the Dj
JJ FP:And in this Corner
Puff daddy:4ever
Puff daddy and family:No way out
Nas: God's Son
2pac:Until the end of time
2pac:all eyes on me
2pac:Ru still down?
DMX: there was X
Men in black the sound track
8 mile the sound track
Gridlock'd the sound track
Eminem: the eminem Show
D12:Devils night

DAs AFX: Dead seriuos
50 cent: Get rich or die
G-unit:Berg 4 mercy
Mase: doesn't give me the name.
Vibe Hits:some gospel Cd's I was given
Common Children: gospel Cd

And I got alot of burned Cd's, with mixed rappers.So I don't got names for them
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Guest lambertj3
how sad top dawg you are missing out on west side connection, 50 cent , and eminem clearly the class of rap now unlike theses other commercial artist like the roots, how sad.
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[quote=lambertj3,Apr 17 2004, 01:23 PM]how sad top dawg you are missing out on west side connection, 50 cent , and eminem clearly the class of rap now unlike theses other commercial artist like the roots, how sad.[/quote]
I hope this comment is suppossed 2 be a joke. Edited by JumpinJack AJ
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aight here's my list

8 mile soundtrack
Ali soundtrack
Bad Boys 2 Soundtrack
Men In Black Soundtrack
Wild Wild West Soundtrack
50 cent- Get Rich Or Die Trying
Dmx- It's Dark And Hell Is Hot
Dj Jazzy Jeff- The Magnificent
Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince- Rock The House
Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince- He's The Dj, I'm The Rapper
Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince- Homebase
Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince- Code Red
Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince- Greatest Hits
Will Smith- Big Willie Style
Will Smith- Willennium
Will Smith- Born To Reign
Will Smith- Greatest Hits
Usher - 8701
Jay-z- In My Lifetime, Vol. 1
Jay-Z - Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter
Jay-Z - The Dynasty Roc La Familia
Jay-Z - The Blueprint
Jay-z - MTV Unplugged
Jay-Z & R. Kelly - The Best of Both Worlds
Jay-z -The Blueprint 2: The Gift & the Curse
Jay-Z - The Black Album
Jermaine Dupri- Life in 1472
Jermaine Dupri- Instructions
Lil Bow Wow- Beware Of Dogg
Nas- Illmatic
Nas- I Am
Nas- Stillmatic
Nas- God's Son
Nelly- Country Grammer
Nelly- Nellyville
Nelly- Da Derrty Versions: Da Reinvention
St. Lunatics - Free City
Eminem- The Slim Shady LP
Eminem- The Marshall Mathers LP
Eminem- The Eminem Show
Eminem- Off The Wall
Timbaland And Magoo- Indecent Proposal
Talib Kweli + Hi-Tek- Train of Thought
Talib Kweli- Quality
Run DMC- Crown Royal
Neptunes- Neptunes Present Clones
Dr Dre- The Chronicle
Puff Daddy- No Way Out
Puff Daddy- Forever
P Diddy And The Bad Boy Family- The Sage Continues
Bad Boys 10th year anniversery
Chingy- Jackpot
LL Cool J- 10
Memphis Bleek- M.A.D.E
Freeway- Philadelphia Freeway
Journalist- Scribes Of Life
Obie Trice- Cheers

I know i'm missing out on some cd i have..i have 2 look it up!
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Guest Guest
well, I just have a few Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince CD's and a few, which were downloaded by a friend, who has high speed internet....

da rest of my music is on vinyl... I need it on plastic! At da moment I have something like 150 records.... if u are interessted in it, I can send da complete list! Itz mostly "golden age" stuff like A tribe called Quest, Jungle Brothers, Artifacts, KRS1 n BDP, Naughty by Nature, Rob Base n DJ ez rock, Fu Schnickens, Jazzmatazz, Digable Planets, Gangstarr, Das EFX, Pete Rock single and with CL smooth, EPMD, Eric B n master of mic Rakim, Del, Souls of mischief....

then a few newa stuff from Baby Blak, Freddie Foxxx, Sat one, Heather b, DJ Krush, Jazzy Jeff, Souls of Mischief, tajai...

And a bunch of old school recordz from Godfather Afrika Bambaataa, Run DMC, Whodini, Grandmaster Flash n fourious 5, rocksteady crew, biz markie,...

and on and on and on

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yeah, I also can't understand dis... perhaps tim want me out of da forum;-)

so, here's my more or less complete vinyl list:

First da singles:

“True Fuschnick” (the ultimate remix package) – Fu Schnikens
“South Bronx” (/ “The “P“ is free”) – Krs one
“Jack of Spades” (/ “U must learn”) – Krs one
“Scenario” (/ “Oh my god” / “Jazz”) – A tribe called Quest
“Will2k” (/ “So Fresh”) – Will Smith
“Parents just don’t understand” (/ “Live at Union Square”) – DJ Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince
“Girls ain’t nothing like trouble” – DJ Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince
“93’ Til Infinity” (/ “Disishowwedoit”) – Souls of Mischief
“Conversation with the Queen” (/”baby daddy”) – Queen Pen
“Live MC” – Heather B
“Because I got it like this” - Jungle Brothers
“Break of dawn” – Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock
“Going Steady” – Steady B
”We know something u don’t know” – DJ Format
”Do it your own thing” – Jungle Brothers
”Breaking through” – Jungle Brothers
”Mc’s act like they don’t know” - Krs one (prod. by DJ Premier)
”No Coast Allstars” – Baby Blak
”They reminisce over you (T.R.O.Y.)” – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
”Konnexion” – Freddie Foxxx
”Bonita Applebum” – A tribe called Quest
”Can I kick it” – A tribe called Quest
”All clocks down” – Heather B (2mal)
”Follow the leader” – Eric B and Rakim
”Hey you” – Rocksteady Crew
”I got 5 on it” - Luniz
“If u must“ - Del, the funky homosapien
”Dirt by my lonly” – Naughty by Nature
”Planet Rock (Afrika Bambaataa)” – Paul Oackenland Remixes
”Planet Rock” – Afrika Bambaataa
”Looking for the perfect beat” – Afrika Bambaataa
”If headz only know” – Heather B
”Do you” – Heather B
”O.P.P” – Naughty by Nature
”Nobody beats the Biz” – Biz Markie
”World of a million drums” – Outkast
”Back to life” – Soul II Soul
”Power that be” – Hieroglyphics
”The 900 numbers” – 45 King
”Underground” – Krs one
” Rapperz r n dangger” – Krs one
”Love’s gonna get cha” – Boogie Down Production (Jive repress)
”Hip Hop Hooray” – Naughty by Nature
”The next movement” – The Roots
”I C U” – A tribe called Quest
”R.A.P.” – DJ Jazz
”After midnite” – DJ Sat one feat. Pauly Yams, Baby Black,…
”Full clip, …” – Gangstarr
”Mass Appeal” – Gangstarr
”Get the girl, grab the money and run” – Souls of Mischief
”La Schmoove” – Fu Schnickens (PC)
“Heartbeat/ A friend“ – Krs one
”Medication/ Acupuncture” – Souls of Mieschief
”The dum dum” – Tajai (of Souls of Mischief)
”Tainted” – Slum Village
”Real Hip Hop” – DAS EFX
”The Show” – Doug E. Fresh and the get fresh crew/ Slick Rick
”Summertime” – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
"Flawless” – Phife Dawg
”Outta here” – Krs one (PC)
”Grover’s Grove” – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince :bowdown:
”Punks jump up to get the beat down” – Brand Nubian
”Rock it like that” – Souls of Mischief
”Girls ain’t nothing like trouble/ Brand new funk” – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
”Turn the party out” – Biz Markie
”Breath don’t stop” – Jungle Brothers vs Mr on
”Get down” - Nas
"A touch of jazz" - DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince 7'' :bowdown:

Then my LPs:

“Rock the House” – DJ Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince :bowdown:
“He’s the dj, I’m the rapper” – DJ Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince :bowdown:
“…and in this corner” – DJ Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince :bowdown:
“Homebase” – DJ Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince :bowdown:
“Code Red” – DJ Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince :bowdown:
“Please Hammer, don’t hurt me” – MC Hammer
“Bad” (oder auch: “Bigger and deffer”) – LL Cool J
“It takes two” – Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock
“Mr. Magic” – Grover Washington Jr.
“Sky largin” – Grover Washington Jr.
”1973 * Recon” – DJ Hype
”Calagad 13” (old school break beatz from spain)
”Together Forever/ The Greatest Hits” – Run DMC
”Mecca and the Soul Brothers” – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
”The main ingredient” – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
”Between a rock and a hard place” – Artifacts
”Til Infinity LP” – Souls of Mischief
”Willenium” – Will Smith (DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince)
”Reachin’ - A new foundation of time and space” – Digable Planets
”Return of the Boom Bap” – Krs one
”Stricktly Business” – EPMD
”Jazzmatazz II – A new reality” – Guru
”Scratchology” – Rob Swift, Mista Sinista, Roc Raida,…
”Ghetto music - The blueprint of Hip Hop” – Boogie Down Production
”That’s them” – Artifacts
”Petestrumentals” – Pete Rock
”Meiso” – DJ Krush
”Dead Serious” – DAS EFX
”The Magnificent” – DJ Jazzy Jeff
”Sittin on chrome” – Masta Ace incorporated
”Low end theory” – A tribe called Quest
”Midnight marauders” – A tribe called Quest
”Done by the forces of nature” – Jungle Brothers
”Le Fonque” – Buckshot
” Whodini LP” – Whodini
”Wildstyle LP” – VA
”Blue Funk” – Heavy D and the boys
”Muddy Waters” – Redman
”Greatest entertainer alive” – Doug E Fresh
”Tough” – Kurtis Blow
”Can’t live without my radio” – LL Cool J

And a few EPs:

“The Magnificent EP” – DJ Jazzy Jeff
“Paid it full, and more…” – Eric B & Rakim
”Make the music with your mouth” – Biz Markie
”Jurassic 5 EP” – Jurassic 5

and a three samplers:

*Word (1)
Rap Attack
Ultimate Tracks 2

Then a few break and battle wax, but I think u are not interested in dis...


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[quote=JumpinJack AJ,Apr 18 2004, 05:19 AM][quote=lambertj3,Apr 17 2004, 01:23 PM] how sad top dawg you are missing out on west side connection, 50 cent , and eminem clearly the class of rap now unlike theses other commercial artist like the roots, how sad.[/quote]
I hope this comment is suppossed 2 be a joke. [/quote]

I don't think he is joking. I really hope he is. The Roots are commercial? Is he serious? This is what I'm talking about. We've got a bunch of folks who think that what 50 Cent is doing is real hip-hop. If you are a fan of 50, that's cool. Just don't call it real hip-hop because it's not. 50 Cent is way more commercial than The Roots could ever dream of being.
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