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Making the Freakin' It Video (2000)


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Great find!!

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This was fun to watch. Truth be told I don't ever recall "Freakin' It" playing on the radio, and only recall seeing the music video played two or three times.  I kind of wish the waited to release The Will Smith Video collection so that it included this video.  "Freakin' It" was intended to be the first single off of the album.  I remember seeing traces of it being prepared before Willennium was fully announced. Timing the Y2K craze resulted in "Will 2K" being the first single.  "Freakin' It" was easily a Columbia choice.  They wanted a pop hit in the form of "Jiggy", but they messed it up since nearly every song on the album is better than it.  Willennium was a great time.  A Touch of Jazz was all over the album and Will spent more time in Philly for it's creating and promotion. 

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Aww Man! i miss this time and the Willennium era i was so excited for the album that was a great time in music side note i think Mariah  Carey's Rainbow album came out that year to but yeah i don't think i ever heard Freakin It on the radio an only saw the video once or twice on tv myself i just miss this era of music so bad i as excited about music that's a rare occasion these days 

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