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Big Ted's Favorite Music Of 2017


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It's that time of the year again, reminiscing on another year, I know we all want to act like just cause JJFP haven't put out an album again that all music is dead but that's not true, there's artists from hip hop and other genres keeping the art alive, without ado here I go:

KRS One The World Is Mine album, best hip hop album in MANY years:


Wyclef Jean Carnival III album, as strong as his earlier solo stuff and work with the Fugees to me, timeless music:


Public Enemy Nothing Is Quick In The Desert album, PE still the top hip hop group doing their thing for over 30 years:


Pink Beautiful Trauma, my favorite pop album of 2017:

Snoop Dogg Neva Left album, 25 years after Chronic & Doggystyle he's still king of west:

there's more to come once feedback is given, come on AJ, Jim, Tim, Kev, Brakes, Julie, Mike, & Turntable etc....

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the jay z and eminem 2017 albums were better than some of their recent material but i wouldn't say they're on the level of blueprint and eminem show albums and i think kendrick's damn was good but not groundbreaking....

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charlie wilson i'm blessed with ti is one of my favorite songs o recent years, with everything going on we should all count our blessings:


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