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Big Ted "Make The Claim" song lyrics, MY REALEST LYRICS...


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i've been taking my time working on new songs lately amist everything going on in the world rite now, I'm hopeful to focus on the next half of year to try to get my "Open Book" album recorded, some of the realest lyrics i ever written in dedication to my pops memory and the world's events, here's "Make The Claim"...


make the claim
to show you care
make the claim
beyond the despair
make the claim
staying on top of the flow
make the claim
that there would be growth
it's all a claim
making it beyond unknown
i don't need a reason
to spread love beyond the seasons
the true love is revealing
no need to just break even
when it's all on top feelings
it doesn't matter if you're a ceo
or a cashier at a grocery store
no need to fiend like i'm bored
i won't live in greed for awards
i'm not joking when i say i'm destined for more
and i won't ever give up on love for sure
my purpose in this life
is to go and continually write
lyrics for the world to unite
and this destiny goes to recite
words are medicine healing on time
so what i put to a beat
or what u put on a tweet
any other word u speak
rolls to run truly deep
expressing thoughts continually
my first job out of high school was kmart
the tools i applied there will take me to the charts
everyday my work ethic is going hard
i give everything with all my heart
all my passions are of great charge
god loves all of us with all heart
god will love me as a billionaire as much as when i was at kmart
occupation doesn't fill the passion in your heart
it's much bigger than being book smart
although i was in the top 20 percent in class of 03 at central
there won't be a way of a freefall
all the stakes are high overall
reminiscing to the days of de la soul
the gangsta's paradise of coolio
this is much bigger than being well known
a powerful feeling of being full grown
like naughty you feel my flow
like r kelly and ron isley on the down low
remaining on the prowl for the show
the claim is written
the claim of reppin
ain't picking up a weapon
claim of respecting
all color, creed, and religion
whether you're standing or sitting
the base of a vision
making claim of an instant
the claim of intentions
the claim of my beat
is a way of peace
we're losing many of our peeps
to poverty, violence, and disease
many of this is unnecessary
pray we could all go to 120 in our peaceful sleep
many of my generation has sacrificed in iraq and afganistan
since i graduated high school in 2003
they didn't live to see lebron and kobe win mvps
or listen to kanye west or 50 cent beats
and listen to soulful & classy keyshia cole, jennifer hudson, and alicia keys
or having fun with music reality shows like the voice and american idol running complete
there's no vision of any of us sounding off key
when i enjoy these things in my lost ones memories
and i also carry on the legacy
of my papa who passed on in november 2016
we're on borrowed time like wyclef mentioned my brother also from  haiti
the immigrants came to this land of opportunity
america is supposed to be the land for all of us to be free
sure i respect the military's ways
but don't disrespect the sacrifice of the civil rights claim
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here's another writing i did called "flowing emotions" for anyone that cares, i'm sitting on so much heat right now!

as the pictures are painted
all these thoughts are claimed
through all of the higher stakes
like will smith said pump ya brakes
not everything is a piece of cake
getting refreshing vision today
as i get this to work everyday
despite the pain, destined to be great
the mixture won't ever go to waste
putting it all in the recipe for relevant taste
it stands as an open devotion
it stands bigger than a magic potion
and runs longer than the deepest ocean
what i do in my life keeps you open
it all represents with flowing emotions
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