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So my T-Shirt got a lot of love from you guys and fellow fans at the JJFP concert...  Loads of you have asked for one so I am now making them available for purchase just for you guys.

I will only be doing one round of orders so if you want one... now is the time as this won't be happening again.  Deadline for orders to be placed is Friday 15th September 2017.  Delivery likely to be received 2/3 weeks after this date.

All items below are available in the following sizes:

YS (5-6)
YM (7-8)
YL (9-11)
YXL (12-13)
Adult Small
Adult Medium
Adult Large
Adult XL

JJFP T-Shirt | £15



JJFP Hoodie | £25




If you would like to purchase any of these items simply send me an email (ewanalman@gmail.com) and let me know:

- Which items you want

- Sizes required

- Shipping Address


Payment can also be made via PayPal using the above email address


Delivery within the UK will be £6.50

Delivery outside the UK will be £16


Oh....  And all orders get a free JJFP badge!



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i spent all my extra money on a hurricane harvey donation and some things at amazon recently, if this was last week i would've been able to do it but circumstances changed, maybe @ a later time if you do it again...

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