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It looks like a set of their studio albums is being released September 15th. Unfortunately it doesn't look like any bonus material is coming with it, but it will make their their music easily available to the masses. It's perfect timing due to the shows and potential future of JJ+FP. The artwork is nothing special, yet cool. I'll likely get it just to support the release. Maybe something about the packaging will be interesting.

Here's a link to a listing I found on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DJ-JAZZY-JEFF-THE-FRESH-PRINCE-ORIGINAL-ALBUM-CLASSICS-5-CD-SET-NEW-15THSEPT-/302418755662?hash=item466990004e:g:Vs8AAOSwSbtZla3a

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My assumption is that it's not remastered. It seems like that would have been mentioned on the packaging. At this point, we should be happy that it's not just a typical compilation. There are fans out there who have struggled to get all of the albums. Now they can get them all at once. I imagine a lot of people will get them out of curiosity, assuming they hit stores.

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