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Will's #14 on highest selling rappers of all time


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will's had a big impact as a hip hop artist, it's nice to see him on a list for a positive thing like this, as the man says "when you talk about rap, y'all better say my name" like ll cool j he has many generation of fans since they both been around 30+ years, btw that writer has no credability to say LL's last good album was Mr. Smith, all the albums in the last 20 years since then are some of the best in hip hop...

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I just checked Gold & Platinum certifications on RIAA.com and it seems like Big Willie Style is no longer diamond certified? How's that possible? I know for a fact the lp was on the site with 10x Multi-Platinum!?


9X Multi-Platinum | July 20, 2000 SOLO Standard None
  8X Multi-Platinum | January 10, 2000
  6X Multi-Platinum | February 26, 1999
  5X Multi-Platinum | February 2, 1999
  4X Multi-Platinum | September 29, 1998
  3X Multi-Platinum | July 28, 1998
  2X Multi-Platinum | April 8, 1998
  Platinum | December 22, 1997
  Gold | December 22, 1997
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maybe that's just US sales but it hasn't sold anything in the last 17 years? people only bought used copies since then? i find that hard to believe...

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word there's a lot of hate for the success that will has had in his career, hip hop fans are very fickle, seaking of big willie style back in 1998 a lot of people were on will's bandwagon so they would probably had put him in their top 10 rappers list, in the early 90s people were on the MC Hammer bandwagon as well, just like how in 1996 people were on the LL Cool J bandwagon during Mr Smith, sure Pac and Biggie had fans when they were living but a massive amount of people didn't go on their bandwagon until 1997 when they were both dead , in reality if LL, Hammer, and Will died back then as well the probaby would be on more top 10s today as well because that's when they were at their peak and if Biggie and Pac had lived its not guaranteed they would be successful today either(people only remember them or being at their peak but they would've had ups and downs like Will, Hammer, and LL have had for sure) when a lot of rappers from that era like Coolio, KRS, and DJ Quik don't have the same success today as they did back then and i don't see too many people list them in top 10 copared to pac and biggie but they were just as talented then and they get slept on now, and sure people list lil wayne and kendrick lamar now but it ain't guaranteed they'll be around too longer either(you're platinum now  but next year i'm gonna miss you) a lot of peoples top 10 or top 5 have nothing to do with talent alone, in other music genres people respect the history but i don't see that so much with hip hop fans...

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well i like pac too but i get dissed by people when i say will's in my top 5 favorite rapper and not pac, people get emotional like pac was jesus but in reality he was human just like will is, none of us are god, in reality there's no GOAT, it's all opinion...

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...and one more thing on my rant, i know the discussion of GOAT is opinion but it's a FACT that will has as much talent as anyone in the top 10, in reality eminem wouldn't wanna get in a freestyle battle will 'cause he knows what fresh prince did to big daddy kane and others back in the days... now as far as my favorite rappers, here's the 15 i listen to the most:

LL Cool J


Fresh Prince

Queen Latifah

Heavy D

Chuck D

Big Daddy Kane



Foxy Brown


Wyclef Jean

MC Hammer

Dr Dre

Beastie Boys

EDIT: Beyond top 15 ca't leave out Snoop Dogg, Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five, Run Dmc, Salt N Pepa, Flava Flav, Ice Cube, Ice T, and Eric B and Rakim

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