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JJFP Live, Sunday August 27th Blackpool, England

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Hi Guys

With the hope that more dates will be announced. Thought I'd start a new thread for specific shows for the people that will be attending.

So to start off, who is exactly is attending this show/ What ticket type did you get? Will you be staying over in Blackpool overnight?

I will be attending along with my wife Holly, although won't be arriving til the evening. Got ourselves the Gold Circle tickets and staying at the Hotel Ibis Styles just a few minutes walk up the road from the venue site.

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Intrigued by the support acts still. The Livewire FB event keep saying "will be announced"  We're less than 3 months away now, they should be announcing this now to push any extra potential ticket sales before people make other Bank Holiday weekend plans.

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As this is a new festival i don't think that photo of the thousands of people there is relevant to the amount of people this festival will have. With all due respect to the Jacksons and the Pete Waterman line ups. They aren't really the type of shows to attract 10,000 people to. I think these shows are gonna be closer to the 2-3000 max. Which i think will be better suited anyway.

Nice one Neil. The numbers are adding up nicely from the forum. All the wives want in lol, Holly is a young'un so i have had to force Will Smith and JJFP joints onto her. Luckily she enjoys a lot of Wills solo hits and Girls Aint Nothing But Trouble and Boom Shake The Room. So she wont be completley lost at the show. I have warned her i will be in full on rapping / singalong and dancing mode with you guys though.

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