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'Gemini Man' - Will in Clone Assassin Movie for Ang Lee


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16 hours ago, MaxFly said:

In before... "But when is young Will going to drop more music?"

Movie looks great. Amped for this one... happy to see WIll doing some precision fight scenes for once.

We were literally talking about you yesterday Max! Hope you are well!!


cannot wait for this movie! Looks great!

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See some peeps posting for the first time in awhile good to see jjfp peeps still repping

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I have a bad feeling they are going to take this excellent concept/idea and destrpy it by letting the second half of it becoming some Michael Bay action fiesta. I've seen it so many times in Hollywood. I hope not though as it look interesting.

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The first reactions got me excited but the first proper review paint a different picture :/


I am, however, almost done with mainstream media critics. Afterwhat happened with Chappelle's latest special, Black Panther and Captain Marvel they started to lose all credibility as far as I'm concerned. At tthis point I actually rely more on youtubers Jeremy Jahns, Chris Stuckmann and the Flick Pick for a genuine oppinion.

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