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Merry Christmas 2016/Happy 2017 JJFP.com peeps!


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I just wanted to miss my extended family all the best, I know it's been a rough year for a lot of us but I wanna drop some encouragement and goodwill, I know there's only a slim hope of  new JJFP but I'm gonna hold onto it as long as I can, that's the reason why I keep coming back, anyway here's a song I wrote called "Christmas Flow 2016", one love and god bless!


i'm here to bring joy

like public enemy brings noise

the feeling like children hard to avoid

this feeling just can't be destroyed

i'm talking about the holidays

beyond just christmas day

but the birth of christ is beyond just a saying

or santa claus, reindeer, and candy canes

the gift that keeps giving for every age

it's all a part of the christmas flow

in 2016 on christmas eve there's rain at the jersey shore

instead of having snow

but the display of the lyrical flow

lets it all out on the open

i'm bringing the gift of peace and hope

there's plenty of days during the year

where we don't feel the cheer

so i want it to be clear

that the piece of mind is here

so no need to feel overwhelmed

when i'm like LL rocking the bells

listening to choirs carol so well

giving you a slice of heaven to avoid the hell

let's go in 2017 feeling divine

rather than just waiting for something in line

or feeling for all the hype

that you read online

this season is meant beyond commercialism

what you give from the heart is what needs to be the measuring stick

putting an end to the foul stench like a peppermint

in other words the holidays are meant to be priceless

now this is the first season that my papa is spending in heaven

like all of our other departed loved ones he's no longer suffering

and for that i could feel some bliss

since i hold on to the memories of my best friend

and extend my love to those who are now suffering

whether it's a gift of generocity or some change in my pocket

this truely is meant to be the season of giving

that's how i choose to end this record

i hope this is able to lift up your spirit

spreading my message through my hip hop lyrics is how i choose to be living

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