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New music - caution in the wild

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I am currently running on a low end android phone as recently broke my Galaxy phone and not due an upgrade til January. Annoyingly the app regularly shuts down on me. So really not use it for anything but access to the track so far. But Brakes has cured that issue as well. How's the view count on youtube looking Brakes?

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86 views??? now no offense this ain't somebody like kel spencer or dayne jordan we're talking about here, hell even some of my songs have more views than that, this is a hip hop pioneer that's one of the more popular artists ever in the genre but that goes to show you that more than anything i think will's approach to release the song is backwards, he needs to open a twitter account ASAP and hire a better promotional team when it comes to his music

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I wouldn't say backwards Ted. If anything it is is finally forward thinking.

The app probably has A LOT of users, and the track is the first thing that appears on it.

The app is the only way people know about the song, so them users more than likely wouldnt be fussed about searching for it on youtube. 

Its just if Will is that fussed about promotion elsewhere. Which in a good way he probably isn't right now.

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Who even knew about the app prior to this song let alone be bothered looking for a song on YouTube they don't know exists? lol

this is just Will having fun and putting it out in some way. Sounds to me like he was just messing around on set of SS and it ended up being used in a song, it's not a serous attempt at a music relaunch. It's not the song you want the masses to be hearing for a WS music comeback.

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