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New music - caution in the wild

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I love it. When I got the heads up about it in the middle of the night, I laid in bed getting the app to hear the new song.  It's a dope soundtrack song. It's silly that some people are holding it to the standard of his traditional music. The sound is catered to Suicide Squad. With the interviews, he kind of contradicts himself. In one, he says HE didn't want to put it out. In another, he made it sound like it was rejected, though he's very much joking in that one. The feel of it reminds me of some of the experimental stuff LL Cool J did on his Authentic album.

I wonder what made him have a change of heart. I think the overly critical reviews from critics toward the film had something to do with it. Think about it, Wild Wild West was unfairly criticized, and it was his song and music video that garnered praise and success.  Perhaps that was the idea.  I wish he'd release it so that we can download it.

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those 4 bars he spit on this song go in harder than anything lil wayne, rick ross, or drake have ever spit in their entire career, big will is BACK, WAY better than fiesta, i will be bumping this reguarly, i can officially eat my words, keep em coming, knock out all the fake rappers like them!

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I think the song goes to hard and long on the hook and does not let opportunity to spit any more lyrics on it. Maybe a revision or remix can change that.

I thought for a moment it was Rihanna. Like she even said bad girl and everything.

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