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Update 2016: 5-10 Things That've Happened In Your Life


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well i was starting it off but here's the fresh thread now, let's all catch up for real, I'm copying and pasting, gonna probably add a couple more things to it:

yeah 2006 was a soul searching year for me but i feel i've come full circle since then, accomplishing some things and trying to stay positive, in 2015 i put out my hip hop album starting over on youtube, now the quality of audio ain't perfect since it's recorded on my laptop but pay attention to my lyrics, they tell my life story:

yesterday i reconnected with my main mc potna of high school after 12+ years on facebook after losing contact, hoping that friendship could pick right up strong again now, he gave me the nickname bigted when i started rapping at 15 years old in 2000 btw

-now chuck d, dmc, and mc hammer all follow me on twitter, i was chatting with chuck d on the public enemy board back in the mid 2000s, kel spencer replies back to my tweets once in awhile, i always tweet jeff but he hasn't followed me yet but i appreciate him answering my question on that jjfp video interview, wish will'd start a tweet page

-over the last few years i been mostly listening to classic hip hop albums and other genres but a few recent rappers have caught my attention like The Game, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Lecrae, Chamillionaire, and Chance The Rapper(just listened to his Coloring Book album yesterday, truely amazing)

-i've been trying to find myself spirtually more over the past year or so by reading books by Joel Osteen and Dr. Charles Stanley, it has helped me in dealing with my father's dementia and my mom rehabbing her broken leg, staying patient is a virtue...

-as far as my romantic life goes a girl that i was close friends with since high school that i had strong feelings for ended up getting pregnant 2 years ago and we haven't really talked since but i always pray for her and know that in due time we'll be on better terms, once in awhile her younger sister emails me, i have love for her too but we're just friends although if she wanted to be with me I wouldn't mind either, she works a lot though so we don't really have much time to kick it, it's like that song by JJFP "caught in the middle"(love n life) also listen to my song "intellectual girl 2015" it explains my journey to find love but I try to stay patient and know that one day I'll find the love of my life, everything has to fall into place...

now a couple more things:

-in late 2013 i decided to continue my online college studies from stratford career institute for a computer programming course, started in january of 2014 and now in a few weeks or so i'll be all done and graduated with a bachelor's degree, i really feel a sense of accomplishment and i'm looking to do some gigs on my laptop in the near future...


-i know this is 2015 related but i turned the milestone 30 years old on march 4, 2015 and ever since then I've been driven more than ever to see my goals accomplished, I know with my father being in a nursing home for dementia since 2012 and my mom breaking her leg in january 2016 that time don't stand still i have to hold it down for the family, and like i said i'm being patient with everything that's going on in life but i'd like to find the woman of my dreams, settle down to become a husband and father within the next decade by the time i'm in my 40s, i also being my conscious my health too, can't eat like i did in my 20s anymore, i currently weigh 224 lbs at 5 foot 10, i'm trying to get back down below 200 lbs in the near future, and as important as everything else i'm keeping up with my mc skills even if i never blow up i'm always gonna express myself, a lot of what i write i haven't even recorded including a lot of the best and most personal lyrics i've ever written, i feel i have a lot of potential, i'm looking to get a better laptop by the end of this summer with windows 10 so i could record my second album more properly...


i'm interested to read what everyone else has been up to lately...

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Well 10 years on from 2006. Weird to say that in itself.

I am working in a decent job in media. There's always that urge to want more and better for myself in that department. But i have good work colleagues.

My social circles are still big and i am happy to say i have kept all my friends from 2006 and added a ton more. I may not see a lot of them these days but when we do get together its like nothing changes.

I dated a few girls in that 10 year period. But i am now engaged to THE girl who i started dating at the back end of 2014.

We are marrying next April. Its coming around fast..

I am still dipping in and out of video / film projects. Although finding the time is always hard. I do enjoy putting together a Retro Gaming youtube show with my Brother Rudi. We put our monthly content and its a blast to film the episodes.

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Struggling to remember what's happened in 10 years.


i qualified as a veterinary nurse and I'm still working as one now. I moved from an awful practise to another one which is much better. I work with amazing people and my skills are used much more. 

Joined a gym 7 years ago and as the years have passed by its become a huge part of my life. It's a great social circle and I'm now in the best shape of my life. Ran the great north run last year which is a half marathon. 

Got my dog 4 years ago, he's now my best mate.

Had a big health scare in 2011, it's still there but luckily not really an issue and I've become a stronger person coming out the other side of it. 

Met Jeff a fair few times, I've lost count! Saw Will briefly twice at film premiers. 

Had a few relationships but my love life is currently DOA.

Fingers crossed I'm a few weeks away from signing contracts and buying my first home. 

Travelled to California, New York and Las Vegas. This October I'm going to Florida. 

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thanks for sharing kev and julie, best of luck in continue the shadow dreams, all these talks of catching up and trying to push the positivity is pushing me to write my lyrics more and more these days, check out these lyrics to my latest "real homies", much luv JJFP fam!


this is for those who keep it true
no matter what we go through
it's important to express my love for you
major respect props are due
sometimes we gotta overlook drama
to take no mess word to papa
there's no way to be stopping
when we keep it real without being boxed in
having a major effect like a #1 hit
the foundation builds to be classic
all the strength known like nas to be illmatic
real relationships are the total package
that gets us all to cope and manage
to pay the bills the skills must be stacking 
forming ways to master in checks
to all the peeps in my life i'm truely blessed
like cl smooth and pete rock over you i reminisce
much love for the homies that keep it real
much love to the homies truely down
in my heart i truely feel
that real love will stick around
before the clock rings the final bell
the master of time will tell
that feeling is mutual
when we remain unconditional
like biggie once mentioned
that sky's known as the limit
that's right homies we're winning
in this game of life all the way to heaven
spiritual minded is more than a krs one disc
it's the righteous way of living
i know i ain't a preacher
but that don't mean i can't reach you
the impact is running deeper
paging to your soul like a beeper
or as these young ones say i'll tweet ya
with the right power it's known as sweeter
i could do it all without profanity
there's a method that's known beyond insanity
rest in peace to prince and vanity
when i'm gone y'all will remember me
just as vice versa to whoever goes first
like sprite i obey the thirst
but this ain't a commercial
i'm fully prepared for game time or rehersal
and if you're there for me i won't ever hurt you
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well with more peeps coming back to the board with the success of suicide squad, the release of will's new track/app, and jeff's summertime 7 mixtape i'm BUMPING this thread to catch up more, keep it moving....

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I started to smoke weed in 2008 and since 2011 or so it has been my main activity, slowly but surely killing off any ideas of love, career, housing and other stuff adult people might want. There is this building in my town which is pretty much a hippie-ghetto, where there is a lot of people like me and we sort of pull eachother down though we have a lot of fun as well. I have tried more or less all other drugs as well but luckily not gotten sucked in to anything beside the weed. But tomorrow I am finally moving from this city where I have spent all my life... and its going to be nice with a fresh start. I intend to write a lot and avoid weed (though it is likely I will smoke if its shoved in my face) and build something that at least resembles the life of a grown-up.

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