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Big Ted's Favorite Hip Hop Of 2015


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Since we're at the end of 2015 I'm gonna list some of my favorite albums of the year:

Dayne Jordan "Memoirs Of Dayne Jordan", hip hop music at it's finest from a fresh young talented mc with tracks produced by the freshest magnificent jazzy jeff!

Public Enemy "Man Plans God Laughs", Chuck D's still hitting hard with the social commentary necessary through these times and proves that he's getting better with age as an mc, my 2nd favorite hip hop group behind JJFP's also still going strong!

Dr. Dre "Compton Soundtrack", one of the greatest producers/rappers pays homage to his legendary group NWA with some younger talent like Anderson..Pak, Kendrick Lamar, and Game as well as his collaborators like Eminem, Ice Cube, and Snoop, the first hip hop billionaire is still doing his thing at 50

Game "The Documentary 2/Documentary 2.5", to me this is one of the better mcs of the 2000s and he cements it here with a classic album flowing with guests like Busta, Nas, Ice Cube, Puffy, and Snoop among others....

Erick Sermon "ESP"(Erick Sermon's Perception), Dr. Dre wasn't the only legend to have a big comeback in 2015, this album hits the spot with guests like Redman, Method Man, and Faith Evans

Method Man "The Meth Lab", this also got overshadowed since this came out the same week as Dr Dre's album but it was one of my favorite albums of the summer...

Redman "Mudface", this came out recently, one of the best albums of the fall season, Jersey's still repping strong in hip hop!

Kendrick Lamar "To Pimp A Butterfly", one of the better mainstream rappers out these days, even the president's feeling his music by naming "How Much Does A Dollar Cost?" as his favorite song of the year

J. Cole "2014 Forest Hills Drive", I know it came out in 2014 but it's still worth mentioning, it's nominated for best rap album of the year at the grammies, surprising I'm actually feeling 3 of the 5 nominations (Kendrick, Dre, and his, Game should've been nominated instead of Drake and we need Queen Latifah to make another album to overtake Nicki as the top female rapper)

Snoop Dogg "Bush", this was refreshing to see him do more of a creative effort instead of just the usual gangsta stuff and he pulled it off well doing songs with Gwen Stefani, Stevie Wonder, Pharrell, and Charlie Wilson...


At a later time if this thread sparks interest I'll post some of my favorite tracks of the year and maybe even some non hip hop stuff I've been feeling, it's a better time for music it seems, feel free to post y'all been feeling, cheers to getting a bigger year of music in 2016 with some more JJFP to look forward 2, hopefully Ice Cube and LL Cool J put out albums too...

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I have to give honorable mentions to DMX's "Redemption Of A Beast" and KRS One's "Now Hear This" as I look this thread over and realised I didn't mention them...

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Some of my favorite albums of the year (no order)...



I would mention Freddie Gibbs - Shadow Of A Doubt and Curren$y - Canal Street Confidential too... already listened to both and ordered them but they're still on the way!



Oh, and I forgot to put Yelawolf - Love Story on my picture... that one would be in my Top 3, great album and I'm not even a real "fan" of him!



I see a good chance for Pusha T - Darkest Before Dawn to be mentioned here too but it hasn't dropped yet, will be out on Dec. 18! The first single Untouchable was dope, produced by Timbaland but doesn't sound like him at all (which is good)...



In my opinion there wasn't too many real good albums this year. I heard a lot of stuff and the bigger part of it wasn't really kickin'...

That Meth Lab LP for example was bad... 2 or 3 good tracks, the rest was lower mixtape level - and I'm a Meth-Fan! Hope that Crystal Meth will be better if it gets ever released. That DMX album wasn't even official and Snoop was annoying to me. Game was average - had some real good tracks but almost 40 songs just were too much, he sould've made one album (instead of two) with 12-15 tracks. Mudface was a nice appetizer for Muddy Waters 2 which is hopefully dropping in 2016 - I'll expect a bit more then but Doc's the man! Haven't heard Dayne Jordan (could be interesting), Public Enemy, KRS-One & Erick Sermon (lack of interest).

I had high expectations on Logic's new album though but that was kinda boring to me... Jadakiss - Top 5 Dead Or Alive was a joke if you compare the music to the title. Styles P had some of the most ridiculous and wackest beats of the year on his album. And there were so much more disappointments... nah, that's too hard, let's just say there wasn't too many positive surprises - just a lot of albums that you'd listen to once and never again because they are straight average and have nothing special...






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01. Spraynard - Mable (Emo/Punk/Alternative)

02. J. Cole - Forest Hills Drive (Hip Hop)

03. Kacey Musgraves - Pageant Material (Country)

04. Fetty Wap - Fetty Wap (Hip Hop)

05. Fashawn - The Ecology (Hip Hop)

06. Pusha T - Darkest Before Dawn (Hip Hop)

07. August Alsina - This Thing Called Life (R&B)

08. Dr. Dre - Compton (Hip Hop)

09. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Surf (Jazz/Hip Hop/Soul/Electronic)

10. Tinashe - Amethyst (R&B)

Yes, I'm putting Pusha T on there purely based on faith. Haven't listened to Gibbs yet and I haven't given enough to the Mac Miller album and the Oddisee album, but whatever. 


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Some of my favorite songs:

Public Enemy "Man Plans, God Laughs", if you think they don't have it no more you'll be surprised after hearing this:



Dayne Jordan "Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood"



KRS One "Drugs Won", now this is raw boom bap hip hop, this blows all the Hotline Bling crap away all day:



Kanye West feat. Paul Mccartney, & Rihanna "FourFiveSeconds", this shows that some mainstream music could still be good:


The Game feat.  Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, & Will.I. Am  "Don't Trip", a dope collab of west coast legends:


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Some non hip hop picks:

Usher feat. Nas "Chains", powerful message in these trying times:


Rihanna "American Oxygen"


Tori Kelly feat. LL Cool J "California Lovers"


Adele "Hello", like the rest of the world I'm amazed by her talent:


Joe "Hello", this cover is phenomenal!



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Where's everybody else in this thread?? I'm talking particually the long time heads like AJ, Tim, and Jim who usually make mad posts on this board....  I think more old school fans like us should be open minded, there's still some good music out there, we can't be stuck in the past...

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