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Will Smith confirms tour with Jazzy Jeff on Ellen


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This video is getting posted by a lot of big sites. I think they didn't believe Will about a tour when he initially mentioned it. But now it's on for sure.

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Most us know that FP doesn't hint about something happening unless it's definitely happening.  All of that "MAYBE" we'll tour stuff was him tell us, those who know him as an emcee, that he IS touring.  I really wanna know the dates and locations because I'd like to see as many shows that are reasonable. Shoot, the fellas can hire me to be part of their crew.  I have no problem telling my job I'm taking a few months off.

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I think it all depends in how much faith the organisers have in them. They put 10 shows on for MJ at the O2 and had to extend to 50 because of the demand. I'd love to see them at the O2 because the atmosphere would be awesome and it would be a high budget show.  I also love small venues because they are more intimate and you can get up close. 

Its a win win situation, as long as they are somewhere in Europe I'm good. 

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