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Although I wish so hard Will would do some music again, it's harsh and unfair de say he is taking life for granted and stuff like that.
He never promised anything. He doesn't NEED to do it. If he does it, it's because his heart is telling him to do so. That's not taking for granted to follow what your heart says.

Let's not be spoiled and startsaying things that just aren't true. He owe us nothing.

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will said that music is life when lost and found was out and 12 years later no album yet, not just that in those 12 years many legends from james brown to george michael have passed on and there have been many non talented artists have been getting fame for the wrong reasons so music has a big void left right now, you figure will'd wanna do something about it since music reflects life like he said...

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First, it's YOUR opinion that today's music is bad and that there's a big void. Not everybdy's opinion, and maybe not Will's. Then, Will's job isn't to save the music world by filling this void. He is in a situation right now where he can decide what his job is, and if he has to have one. He doesn't have to release albums to enjoy music.

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well sadly a lot of people today don't respect the history of music so maybe my opinion is in the minority but as a pioneering hip hop artist who respects his craft i'm sure will'd agree with a lot of what i've been saying here, i'm sure gradually he'll come back...as i think about it i might've been too hard on will, i'll just back off and not say nothing i'll regret....

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