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Your reviews of Focus

Jazzy Julie

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Come on guys, I can't be the only one that saw Focus this weekend. What are your thoughts?

i enjoyed it more than I expected. It started off pretty fast, got straight into the storyline which is good, I hate faffing around in movies. It got really interesting with a great scene at a football game, then again the ending is fab and catches you off guard. Without spoiling it, as a viewer you feel like your getting conned constantly. 

Will gets to be Will, he has his funny witty lines, Margot is really great too and the storyline is full of twists and turns. It's kinda like a con version of Hitch. It's not gonna be a huge blockbuster, but I think people will enjoy it.

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I saw Focus this weekend too! Great movie, I loved it.:ernaehrung004:Full of entertainment!

Chemistry between Will&Margot is fabulous!! Great "couple" :) And Will is still Will, the best so far, uff and about his shape is not required to speak! :drool:

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The movie was ill!!!  I loved it.  The dialogue is fast, smart, abrasive, and hilarious.  I loved that it was funny without being a comedy.  Also, the character wasn't anything like he's played before.  I might have to see it again before it leaves theaters.

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The movie opened in Poland yesterady so I went to see it the opening day. I really enjoyed it. It's smart, it's slick and it's sexy. Will and Margot's chemistry is what defines this movie. You can tell they really enjoyed each others company. The cinematography and the colorful visuals are great but the musical score is just amazing. Kudos to whoever was responsible for picking the songs - they really  complement the scenes and you feel like you were actaully there. I was hoping to see in IMAX but for whatever reason they don't play it in Poland, at least in my city. There is a scene where Will and Margot are dancing, some parts are in slow motion, the music, the light, the way they look it's just beautiful. I hope somebody can make a collage of their scenes and put it on youtube later on.

Margot is a great actress. I thought she's going to play a typicall pretty girl showing her assets but it's a very classy role and she literally steels every scene she's in.

Will did a great job. He's not fooling around, he's not a superhero, it's a mature role and that's how I like it. They didn't try to make him look like he's 25 again, they rather embraced his age and let him shine. And yes he looks almighty fine in this movie . It's hard to compare this role to his other work beacuse he has never played a character like this. And no, it's not like Hitch. Let's all just forget After Earth- it was a passion project that didn't work - that's it. I'm tired of people constantly bringing this subject back in every review.

The story has few suprising twists. The moment you think you figured where this is going it sudently goes in an opposite direction, you just have to let it take you there. It's "R" rating in the US is due to the few "f***s" here and there and blood - one of the main "Oh ****, what has just happened" moments in the film. There are some love scenes but rather short and there is no major nudity. It's a classy movie in that sense.

Can't wait for the DVD release so I can put this in my Will Smith collection.

I highly recomend it. It's not a masterpiece, it won't change you life but it's enetertaining and sometimes that's all you need.


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Just came back from seeing it and I thoroughly loved it.  I'm a huge con genre fan so this movie was right up my street.  The chemistry between Maggie and Will was perfect and I think the movie was executed amazingly.  I felt there were moments when the pace could have picked up a bit but asides from that I really enjoyed it.


The humour was on point as well... Pretty much everyone in the cinema was laughing out loud.


Probably my favourite Will Smith film since Bad Boys 2

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I went to the cinema yesterday to watch the movie with my girlfriend... I would rate it around 3/5.

I definetely enjoyed it but sometimes I had the feeling that it's a bit too constructed (don't know if that's the right word)... the whole twists at the end - I think that was a bit too much! In movies with smart twists you sit there and think "Whoa, I haven't seen that coming" but here (at some point) it was a bit ridiculous in my opinion!

Will did a good job nonetheless - had his funny moments as usual... and the (betting) scene at the football stadium was great!

All in all one of his better movies in the past few years!

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The movie came out today in Spain so I went to see it, and, personally, I have to say that it was a big disappointment. I had high expectations as the trailers for the movie looked really good and the reviews weren't very negative either, but I couldn't get to enjoy the story. Almost everything was pretty predictable for me even though they're trying to con you all the time, and the ending was a bit too much in my opinion.

But I did enjoy some parts of the movie. For example, I think the locations and, especially, the songs chosen are awesome. They make everything look better and beautiful.

Regarding the performances, while Will is just okay, I think it's Margot who really "steals" (wink wink, nudge nudge) the show. Her performance is really good and I'm glad she got picked for this role. After watching her work in 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' I thought she was going to become a great actress. With 'Focus' she's going in the right direction.

I'm afraid I can only give this movie 5 out of 10. I was expecting a much more entertaining story.

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